Thursday, August 18

color dilemma

so, i shared with ya'll a couple of weeks ago about how we're planning to paint the casa yellow...

[paint samples]

but lately, we've been having second thoughts. i started realizing that because of the way our house is designed, the siding & brick split the house in half, & the yellow side risks being a bit stark while the brick side risks looking bland. everyone asks us if the left side is an addition, but it's not. it's original to the house & to the plans. who knows why they did siding for the den & garage part?!

so, i found a website that lets you superimpose colors onto your own photo. [i know you can do that in photoshop, but i have yet to buy it for my mac, & i hate working on shaun's teeny laptop!] the website is valspar at lowe's virtual painter. it wasn't super high quality, but i found it very useful for my needs.

you can only save one picture & are limited in how much "paint" you can add to it, & you can't save the picture outside of the program. however, thanks to my handy-dandy mac feature that let's me do screen captures, i have several options to share with you.

starting with the yellow, i think we would like it with the brick & black trim, but we wouldn't like the half-&-half feeling...

someone suggested to me choosing a color that was similar to the mortar used with the brick. i wasn't a fan of the idea [mainly because i don't like neutral colors much, & i thought it would look drab next to the white garage doors]. as suspected, i don't like it.

 i started thinking about how our house has barn-like features: the roof line, the doorway shapes for the front porch & the garage doors, the vertical siding... so maybe an earthy red would look nice. i also thought it would be a bold color -- which i like! -- yet still similar enough to the brick that it might not give such a divisive feel to our half-&-half house. i'm kinda liking this option!

i also picked some more terra cotta shades, which is similar to our front doors. it also looks okay, but i'm not loving this quite as much.

just for kicks, i thought i'd check out a grayish-brown. you know, like an old weathered barn. nope, definitely not!

what do you think?! do you have any favorites to share with me? any other colors you'd like to suggest?


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Elaine said...

Wow, good point about picking a color that will blend with the bricks and make the house look more cohesive. The brown is a bit drab and really doesn't do anything for the bricks. The red and the darker terra cotta seem to blend well with the bricks but still pops.