Monday, March 21

menu plan monday

i just got back from an awesome weekend with our youth group, & i'm on a spiritual high! but my housekeeping is at a low - the laundry is piled up, the cupboards are bare...

but routine has recently become seriously important, & so i'm stubbornly refusing to do a grocery run until my weekly errand day on thursday! i had to be a little creative with what we already have in the fridge, freezer, & pantry for our monday through wednesday meals.

monday - gnocchi florentine
tuesday - brinner {pancakes, eggs, sausage}
wednesday - quesadillas
thursday - turkey burgers, roasted potatoes, corn
friday - f.f.y.
saturday - @ santorini's in indy {before watching "grease"!}
sunday - @ LIFE group

f.f.y. = fend for yourself

Sunday, March 20

back to the land of the blogging

hello fellow bloggers! i have missed blogging & all of you so very much!

it's been a crazy couple of months with a lot of significant changes going on in our lives & household. but things are starting to level out, & i'm excited about sharing with you some of the projects we have accomplished over the past few weeks!

things you can look forward to:
- organized office files [color coordinated!]
- a desk build for shaun
- a new painting for the den
- kitchen baking hutch
- feature on the foyer
- & much, much more!

thanks for hanging in there during my blogging hiatus. i look forward to catching up on everything ya'll have been doing, too!