Monday, February 7

menu plan monday

my friend, rachel, & i are trying to keep one another accountable with eating & living healthier. we've got a whole system of checks & balances [& rewards] worked out. one of the ways we're working together is sending each other our menu plans & posting our recipes on our food blogs. we love cooking & eating most of the same foods & styles, so it works great!

we're also trying to post how many WeightWatchers PointsPlus is in each recipe serving [i've got some backlogging to do on that front]. if you'd like a new place to search for recipes, check out the casteel cafe & le noshery du ravellette. we're always open!

also, if you like tailgating food, you need to check out martha's link party at seaside simplicity. what a great resource for game season!

this week, we're eating out more than normal, but with FACE-ing our finances, we're prepared for it.

monday - out to eat with danielle [moe's monday!]
tuesday - sweet potato hash
wednesday - spicy shrimp, corn, & quesadillas
thursday - chicken shawarma with pita & greek salad
friday - out to eat for valentine's with my "be mine"
saturday - y.u.m. [coffeehouse afterwards]
sunday - @ life group

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Martha (MM) said...

I think we all do so much better with things when we post about it publically. It really does help keep us accountable whether it's eating healthier, working out or orzanizing!

Thanks for the mention today :-)