Friday, January 21

feature friday: THE OFFICE

i'm still trucking on with my 2011 organizational projects, but i've been spending a lot of time on the office, which is a BIG project, over doing some of the smaller, quicker projects.

remember when it looked like this?

[before: the office in its state of disaster & despair]

well, i haven't organized it yet, but i did finally complete the first step of organizing a space this large & this far gone: clearing the room!

[after: cleared ready to be organized]

now that you can SEE it, i can show ya'll this fabulous room! our house has three bedrooms upstairs, all of which we want to use as bedrooms. that left us in a quandary about where to put an office space. this room is off of the foyer, the main entrance to the house, across from the living room, & it also connects to the kitchen. originally, it was the formal dining room, but our living room is large enough to encompass conversation areas & a dining area. so, the dining room became the office.

[the view looking through the foyer & into the living room]

it took me a couple months to figure out what color scheme to do in this room.  in our old casa, we decorated the office in blue & orange for our college teams, duke & illinois.

[office at the casteel casa de raleigh]

it's cute if you can close the door when company comes, but in the new casa, the room is always open to the foyer, one of the first things people see when they enter our home. [we put a shower curtain up to hide the mess all these months, but that doesn't look much better!]

i was inspired by my pier 1 paper weight to go with a spring green, pale aqua, & black. 

[my glass bird paper weight]

we wanted a place where we could continue to display some of shaun's illinois & agriculture collection, but i also wanted the space to have an updated style. the color palette accented with lots of brushed nickel fixtures & accessories gives a contemporary feel to the traditional & rustic farm elements.

we chose new light fixtures to bring in the brushed nickel & to update the house in general.  actually, where the sconces are, there were gaping holes with wires left by the previous owners covered by tacky wall art -- real classy, not to mention super safe.

[ceiling light]                                           [wall sconce]

back to the "after" picture: shaun & i built that shelf for my craft supplies. we painted it black to go with the color palette. i love the way it pops against the green walls & wood paneling! hanging above the door way is an apple butter stirrer from my mom's side of the family. my uncle steve has been the main collector of all these heirlooms from the old homestead back in tennessee [which burned down long before i was alive], & he has been passing them on to shaun for years. shaun loves it!

[apple butter stirrer from the miller side of the family]

[my desk]

this is my awesome desk - i love it! shaun salvaged this from n.c. state when they were refurbishing his old office building. it used to be brown with brass accents. he gave the desk to my sister vanessa when she moved to d.c. & she repainted it to emphasize its retro style with a modern flair. when she moved back home, she passed it on to me. this was also part of the inspiration for the color palette in this room because i had to be able to make it work with my desk!

[the round barns at the university of illinois]

this is a poster shaun bought while attending illinois, & i had it framed for him a few xmases ago. it hangs between the two front-facing windows above my desk. [we moved my desk to that side of the room & removed the other wood desk.]

[wall opposite entry to foyer & living room]

this corner is going to become our "home center" & shaun's home office area. we plan create a desk surface over the cabinets. that window faces directly onto the porch in front of the den. the door on the right leads into the kitchen. you can see the cat litter box mat peeking out from behind the door. this room also kind of belongs to the cats & houses their litter, their food, & their toys.

of course, in clearing the room, all that stuff had to go somewhere...

[office stuff in the living room]

we set up tables in the living room to organize everything coming out of the office into piles. it doesn't look very organized, but there is method to this madness!

[my craft stuff piled on the dining table]

there is a little less method to the craft supplies, but they are all in one place at least!

[essential organizing tools]

i grabbed four plastic tubs from the basement [left by the previous owners] & labeled them move [as in, these items don't belong in the office!], sell, toss, & recycle. look at the overflowing trash heap...

so, that's our office currently. i can't wait to start putting it back together. we really need this space to be organized & functional. i'll keep you posted!


Christine said...

It looks like a huge undertaking...and you've really done a good job with half the battle! Doesn't it feel good to clear everything out and stare at your blank canvas? There are so many great things that you will be able to do! Good luck with everything!

Alexandra said...

WOW! You did a great job clearing everything out of that space. Can't wait to see the finished product.

The Bearded Iris said...

This is so exciting! I love that you are documenting the process. My home office is one of the biggest projects on my list, and I am totally dreading it. But seeing how you broke it down step by step, maybe it won't be so bad.

Really LOVE your inspiration piece - that is a gorgeous paperweight.

April said...

lots of work!

I spent all sunday afternoon completely purging my craft supplies and was left with a much larger pile of trash/donate than I thought I would...but it was SO worth it!