Monday, January 24

menu plan monday

this week, i'm in CHI-CA-GO!!!  my favorite city! i'm here on a semi-business trip. my best friend & business partner, rachel, is here on a business trip for her 9to5, & i was able to tag along so we can work on our business in the evenings - yay! [i guess i haven't mentioned on here that we're starting a business... i'll blog about that more at a later time...]

anyways, back to menus. i left shaun at home to hold down the fort [or casa] with our three furry children - zorra, bella, & caenya. shaun's more than capable of cooking for himself &  has a few recipes in his repertoire, so i made sure to gather all necessary ingredients for him. so, i'll post what he's having:

1. chicken enchiladas [no recipe - buy enchilada sauce & use the recipe on the back]
2. leftover pumpkin gnocchi
3. quesadillas with whatever's in the fridge
4. minestrone
5. [out to eat one night with a friend]

i'll be back. [said like arnold schwarzenegger]

saturday - [soup & movie night with friends] i'm making my pumpkin soup & will make sure to take pictures this time to add to the casteel cafe!
sunday - @ life group

also, last friday, we had friends over impromptu & i made one of our greek favorites, chickpea fritters & tzatziki, so check out the casteel cafe!

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Martha (MM) said...

Have fun on you trip! :-)