Wednesday, January 12

organizational projects for 2011


i'm taking the 52 weeks challenge at organizing junkie.  we have lived in this house for over a year, & it still feels like we just moved in sometimes.  i still haven't unpacked all the boxes yet, & i promised myself i'd do that last year...  

i have some pictures to give you an idea of how DESPERATELY we need this challenge here at the casa.  don't judge me!!! [too much, anyways.] goals in red are ones that will take more than one week to complete & some of the other listed goals will work towards this end.  these are listed in no particular order & certainly not in the order in which they'll be tackled!

1. coat closet [DONE!]


2. pantry

[like the edward in the pic?!  a joke from my "adopted daughter" bianca!]

3. cleaning closet
4. foyer bench [in the den]

5. kitchen junk drawers

[i don't believe in junk drawers & didn't have any at the old casa...]

6. the office

[it is a testament to my letting go of perfectionism to let ya'll see this!]

7. den baskets [under tv table]
8. home calendar
9. the laundry room

[it actually never looks THIS bad, but i just brought down every piece of clothing we own!]

10. downstairs linen closet

[this has become the junk closet.  b/c a junk drawer just wasn't big enough!]

11. upstairs linen closet
12. my vanity
13. bathroom medicine cabinets
14. living room cabinets

[2 of 3]

15. my recipes

[need to try these recipes & get them into a cookbook or toss them]

16. a bill pay system
17. our finances [doing a series on this!]
18. craft shelf
19. office supplies
20. work area for shaun
21. work area for me
22. pet supplies
23. my closet
24. shaun's closet
25. the garage
26. our cars
27. my date planner
28. gardening supplies
29. magazine cut-outs & ideas
30. home info notebook 
31. unpack all boxes

[the half unpacked boxes in the otherwise empty master bedroom]

32. painting supplies
33. gift wrapping supplies
34. technology accessories
35. printed photos & film
36. photo CDs & computer files
37. important documents
38. the shop
39. emergency kits
40. my computer files
41. business notebook
42. ministry notebook
43. writing area
44. quiet time area
45. luggage & travel items
46. my jewelry
47. the storage room

[looking to the left & the right - it used to look soooo good!]

48. coffeehouse shelf
49. game closet
50. scrapbooking supplies
51. upstairs bathroom cabinets
52. kitchen cabinets

well, wish me luck!  i'll be posting my completed projects & progress on this list periodically throughout the year.  shaun loves this blog because it motivates me to GET THINGS DONE!  so thank you for all the motivation you give me!!!



Tonya said...

Good Luck!! I totally understand about the blog being motivation...if it weren't for Traci @ beneathmyheart I would never have gotten that home office space completed so quickly! Thank you for your comment! Very nice meeting you!!!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Well hopefully Edward is good company while you are busy organizing. ;)

Carol said...

You have a great list! I look forward to seeing how you get things organized.

Elle said...

We have lived in our house for 6 years and have a basement still, full of boxes and junk I'd like to get rid of. It doesn't help that my husband keeps computer parts from 5 years ago. Sigh. anyway, don't feel embarassed. The point is that you are working towards a goal. no one has a perfect house and if they do, no one visits (who wants to sit in a perfect house, not me). Great job.

Jolene said...

Great list and good luck! I hope to get thru my list as well! Stop by my blog and check my list out!

LeeAnn said...

You inspired me! Last night Chuck and I cleaned out our coat closet and found several to give away to people who need them more than us. Plus now it's all pretty and organized. Thanks! :)

rachel mae said...

i can't believe you called my boyfriend a joke, danae.


on another note - i love your list! and i love you for posting a picture of your office. since mine is the ravellette equivalent of the casteel office right now, you just gave me hope.

Samantha said...

Great list - I'm your newest follower to see how you progress this year! I haven't made out my list of all 52 projects I want to accomplish - I'm just picking one thing each week. I am really enjoying the motivation the 52 week challenge is giving me as well.


April said...

we totally need an organizer on our coat closet door...I hate looking for gloves and stuff :)

Anonymous said...

I have lived in my house for 23 years and it is pretty bad. For the first time in my life I do not have a job, so organizing my home is my job this year. One day at a time and we will do it!

Melissa said...

Great list! Can't wait to see all your accomplishments this year!

Mum of two monkeys said...

Great list have gotten some good ideas of jobs ive wanted to do for ages and forgot about. Will head off to add to my list. Thanks again Joan