Monday, January 17

menu plan monday

one of my 52 organizational projects for 2011 is to corral the my recipes.  i have this basket in my kitchen cabinet next to all my cookbooks.  it holds all the magazine clippings & recipe cards from friends that i have collected over the last several years.  it is about time that i try some/all of these & decide whether they make the cut for my personal cookbook or get tossed!

i also want to start baking weekly.  try new recipes.  enjoy my working oven!  i'm doing a cookie-of-the-month club for our four grandparents, so the last week each month i'll be baking a different cookie to send to them.

i can't yet verify the tastiness of these recipes, but they won't last long on my blog if they're not yumm-O!  i'll let you know how it goes next monday.  do you have any new recipes you're trying this week?

monday - eggs in a basket, bacon
tuesday - shrimp-corn chowder, garlic bread
wednesday - quesadillas [with whatever's in the fridge/pantry]
thursday gnocchi florentine, garlic bread
friday - date night!
saturday - y.u.m.
sunday - @ life group

baking - biscotti

y.u.m. = yesterdays' uneaten meals


Martha (MM) said...

Great menu this week - I have a seafood chowder on my menu too :-)

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Hi Danae! Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving a comment! I love your blog banner! Great idea about the cookie of the month club for Grandparents! So glad to have found your blog! Happy New Year!! Angie xo

Amanda said...

Oh quesadillas! We haven't had those in forever, thanks for the reminder!