Saturday, January 1

happy new year & new look!

i love new beginnings. i think it's built into all people to relish a fresh start. God knows this about us & promises that His mercies are new every morning! 
sometimes what we need is a little change. so in keeping with newness, beginnings, & change, i have revamped the casteel casa site! i hope you like the new look as much as i do.

along with the blog makoever, i'm going to begin afresh with posting more frequently. as with all things, it is a process, & as with every year, i make goals - not resolutions.

i will not resolve to post every day starting now. but i am setting a goal of increasing my posting consistency so that i am blogging daily by the end of the year. it's not about trying to be perfect, but about improving.

i look forward to the coming year's ideas, trends, & projects, all for the effort of making the casa not just a nice house, but a welcoming home. and to each of you: happy blogging, happy homemaking, & happy new year!

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Alicia said...

Hi! I found your blog thru beth moore's scripture memory post...good luck memorizing :) and your blog is adorable! happy new year!!