Wednesday, January 5

gift: "pop" sampler

this is an idea i used a couple times for xmas gifts, & it was a big hit!  it's a great go-to gift anytime of year.

[pop sampler]

i got the vintage coke crate at a thrift store here in town for $7!  i actually bought two - the other one was a yellow crate with red script.  

i bought a myriad of different bottled sodas: ibc root beer, ibc cherry limeade, izze sparkling clementine, izze sparkling pomegranate, jones berry lemonade, stewart's cream soda, archer farms sarsaparilla, blenheim spicy ginger ale, cheerwine, & classic coke.  since i used this for two different gifts & will use the leftover bottles for gifts, too, i spent only an average of $1 per bottle & some of them we already had on hand.  

then, i added "pop" snacks: purdue black & gold popcorn & jelly belly soda flavors in empty glass bottles, coke bottle gummies, & ring pops.  if i'd had time to run across town, i also would have included pop rocks!

we added a tag that said "once you pop, you can't stop!" [so a can of pringles would also have been appropriate.]  all in all, the gift was a grand total of around $20-25, perfect for the limit on our family's gift exchange.

i don't have a picture of the final product...  shame on me.  i'm still getting used to micro-documenting my life & projects!  but i hope this still gives you a good idea.



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