Friday, January 14

feature friday: THE LIVING ROOM

this is one of my favorite rooms in the house.  we entertain alot, so this room really sold us on the casa.

[what it looked like move-in day, north wall & south wall respectively]

when we moved in, the entire house had been painted in a puce-oatmeal color - yuck.  i couldn't get it painted fast enough!  i love the color we picked out for the walls in here.  and the light that comes in through the front windows in the morning is just divine.

[the north side - dining area]

the current couch [in the corner of the dining area, left there from the chili cook-off] is from our best friends.  it was originally meant for the coffeehouse down in the basement, but it wouldn't fit through the door & down the stairs.  it will eventually go in the office since i have never been able to work at a desk!

[the south side - library/study area]

we want to keep all the furniture light so that we can easily move it around.  when we did the girls' tea back in april, we set up the four coffeehouse tables from the basement & covered them with white table cloths.  for the annual chili cook-off we host for shaun's department graduate students, we line up four 8' tables in two rows.  so far, we've had as many as 38 people over at one time.  

[the west wall - showing both entries]

i can't wait to get more furniture & art!  i'm going to display all my architecture drawings & models that i saved from school in here.  and i'm going to do a few paintings for these expansive walls.  we're also planning on custom-building a buffet for the dining area, where the couch is right now.  we had a 7 foot buffet at the old casa, but it was a free piece of hotel furniture from a garage sale.  we left it behind.

[looking in from the short hall between the living room & the kitchen]
ignore the xmas tree still up!  i've been sick & a little - ok, alot! - behind...

[view from the main entry, the foyer]

[most of the east wall, showing the library area & the sitting area in front of the fireplace]

[love these built-ins!!!]

i can't wait to fill these up with even more books!  and i've got lots of ideas for arrangement, but this is as far as i've gotten.  the cabinets below will house our extra dishes, china, vases, candlesticks, etc.  once i get them organized [on my list!], i can move all the dishes that are currently sitting on the shelves into the cabinets.  the future buffet will also house some of this.

[close up of one built-in, with the most important books obviously!]

[love the fireplace despite the gold & green marble...  
"c" stands for casteel - lots of people ask that!]

i only had two conditions for whatever house we bought in lafayette: a garage & a fireplace.  we got a two-car garage & two fireplaces!  we'll keep the marble as is probably, but i'm going to eventually have to figure out a solution to this gold - yuck!

[our one ceiling light fixture]

originally, i was going to replace this fixture, like nearly every other light fixture in the house, but shaun talked me into keeping it.  we're going for a slightly retro look in the living room, in keeping with the house's era - mid 60s.  i'm thinking a modernized version of retro.  we'll need to install more lights in this room though - it's super dark at night, even with added lamps.

[one of three lamps - shades & bases from target]

i found three turquoise shades at target on clearance while visiting back in north carolina.  i knew i must own them!  they match the walls nearly perfectly.  and as soon as i caught a vision for this room, i knew i wanted this style lamp.  

[table detail]

i love my table!  we got it from a friend back in north carolina when we were first married.  originally, we were just "babysitting" it for her, but when she moved & didn't want to hassle with it, we bought it off her for $75!!!  it's a large table - 4'x6' - & it can hold 8 people [10 if you do two people on each end].

with all the wood in this room [& the whole casa!], all of our major pieces in this room will be white.  i'd like to eventually get a white couch & wide white bench or chaise [thinking ikea], plus a couple tall armless chairs [maybe in yellow?!] that can double as dining chairs.  i'd also like to get all new chairs for the table - preferably all mismatched & painted the same white as the table [which also needs to be repainted].   

[one of two matching chairs]

these chairs & pillows are from my mom!  i love love love the modernized retro pattern & colors.  we want to really bring in the red & yellow in accents throughout the room.  they're also super light, making them easy to move around.  i've never had new furniture till i moved into the casa, so it's been fun getting pieces like this!

well, there's our living room.  it has lots of projects needing to be done, but it's not high on our priority list because it's pretty functional as is.  i will get around to organizing the cabinets relatively soon though & will post again then!

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