Friday, January 7

feature friday: THE KITCHEN

i know, i know...  it's been forever since the last feature friday on the den...  i really do plan on posting these weekly, but of course, we know the best laid plans blah blah blah.  so, the kitchen:

when we first looked at the casa, this was the second room i laid eyes on, & the first reason i fell head-over-heels crazy for it!

[entrance from the den]

[the brick wall that backs up the den]

this is the first reason i feel in love with the casa!  beautiful interior brick walls!  

[the north half of the kitchen]

these pictures were taken when it was uninhabited, so that's why the room is so empty.  see that light fixture there?  uuuuuuugh-LY!  plus dangerous.  i bent down to pet a cat one day, stood up right under this light, & it gashed my back through my t-shirt.  i'm short, so that's really saying something!  it was the first light fixture we change out.

[north wall of counter & cabinets]

[opposite south wall]

those pictures were taken the day we moved in.

here is the kitchen now:

[the west wall backed up to the den]

i love my cooking area despite the lack of counter next to my cooktop.  and my oven cooks great, even if it is teeny.  of course, it's been an adventure getting a working oven - quite the tale if you haven't already read the saga!  my favorite things in this picture: the brick wall, the red kettle [from marshall's], & the yellow rug [from target]!

[door to the office]

this actually links up to the "formal dining room" but we turned it into our office & lumped the dining area into the living room.  the yoke on the wall was made by my great-grandfather & given to us by my uncle.  you can see the dog center there - the cabinet with zorra's food, treats, & her bowls.  plus, a toy laying in the middle of the floor...  the plant on top of the milk can is the very first plant i ever had - my mom gave it to me when i moved away to school.  over ten years later, can you believe it's still alive?!

[the baking shelf on the south wall]

we want to build a baking hutch/center for this spot eventually.  i want to paint it turquoise!  and i want it to have some work space where i can use my mixer.  [i also want a new kitchenaid mixer, but i'm going to wait till this one dies.]

[the cleaning closet]

in this weird niche behind the baking center are two closets, one facing the kitchen [the pantry] & one facing to the side [the cleaning closet].  clearly, this one still needs some organizational work!  

[the pantry]

for the first year, this closet held my extra serving dishes, vases, & other decor.  but i decided to use the living room built-in cabinets for that.  i moved most of our food out of our lazy susan cabinet & into here.  i literally just shoved it in there for the time being - yet another organizational project - but i already love being able to see what i have!  i want to try canning my garden bounty this year, so i'm excited about having a pantry with room to grow.

[the east side leading into the hall & living room]

[the telephone niche]

i love this quirky little detail!  it was meant for a phone & all those little supplies that are useful near a phone.  but we don't use a landline, so it's the fishy's "room"!  that's rusty there looking at me.  

[the west wall again]

my cooking area.  i got that spice rack from an auction for $3.  the man made it for his wife the same year that our house was built!  it looks like it was made for that spot.  martha stewart says you shouldn't keep your spices near heat, but who can resist when it looks that perfect!

[the middle of the kitchen]

with a kitchen so big, i needed something to fill up the middle, plus more work space.  the first purchase we made for the kitchen was this old table from a yard sale.  it had seen better days...

it used to look like this chair!  chipping forrest green paint & super scratched top.  shaun stripped the top & coated it with polyurethane, & i painted the legs black coated with more poly. 

[the island]

backed up to the table is this island.  shaun built this for me when we lived in raleigh & i had very little counter space in our kitchen.  i helped him design it a little bit, but it's mainly his creation.  it's my favorite thing he's every built for me!  i use it to store pans, measuring utensils, my knives [clearly we don't have kids yet!!!], & frequently used sauces.  [notice the stool - shaun built that for our wedding, so i could reach him better for our kiss!]

[the north wall]

last but not least is the wall with the kitchen sink & all our cabinets.  i'm trying to talk shaun into letting me paint the cabinets turquoise!!!  we have so much paneling, & it's beautiful & good quality.  and i promised shaun i would never paint our paneling.  [the casa has to reflect both our tastes, after all.]  the cabinets are also nice wood but not in nearly as good of shape, & i have to paint SOMETHING!  i could go on & on with all my great decorating rationale, but since you're not the ones i need to convince, i'll spare you...

[everything, including the kitchen sink!]

so, we need to wash dishes... & maybe the window, too...  but you get the idea!

thanks for dropping by the casa for a tour of our kitchen.  i'll post more pics as we cross projects of the list!

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Martha (MM) said...

I love it! All the brick and the wood is just gorgeous!