Saturday, January 8

FACE-ing our finances

if you haven't heard of flylady, you need to check her out - she's pretty cool!  she loves acronyms, & one that i have never forgotten is
FACE: financial awareness continuously empowers.  it's a perfect acronym because it's true that facing something scary like this is always better than pretending it doesn't exist.

shaun & i used to operate on a strict budget because we were poor college students.  we have been incredibly blessed with *real* jobs now, & we haven't been quite as diligent in the past year with minding our p's & q's.  we still try to save & spend responsibly, but we realize we have areas where we need to be more organized & to "cinch our belts."

i figured doing a FACE saturday series would help keep me motivated & accountable to getting on the ball about this.  here's the plan: 

week 1: 
getting organized [creating a financial notebook &/or spreadsheet, organize a better bill-pay system, & create a space for receipts to be deposited daily]

week 2:
creating a budget [figuring out expenses averages from the last year, creating a spreadsheet, etc.]

week 3:
cinching our belts [choosing things we can cut out of our spending habits & researching how we can save money better]

week 4:
long-term planning [i'd like to read the david ramsey book to help us with this.  and my dad's always a great source - he reads about this stuff all the time.]

i hope this is also helpful to ya'll.  i'll be posting pictures of organizational tips, helpful documents, & i want your feedback about cutting expenses & saving money!  


Martha (MM) said...

You really are going ALL out on the organizing this year!

danae said...

i'm really trying martha! thanks for all the comments & encouragement!