Tuesday, January 18

bathroom demolition!

we love this old house & all its 1964 character! much of the house will stay in its original form. for example, we won't be painting the wood paneling. but there are a few projects we want to do for greater functionality or to insert our style.

one of the first major projects we wanted to tackle is the master bathroom. right now, we reside in one of the regular bedrooms & use the main bathroom upstairs. why do we need to redo the master bath? 1. the toilet has a crack in it & therefore does not work. and 2. shaun can't stand upright in the very tiny shower! [oh, and 3. it's ugly...]

here are the before pictures:

[looking in]

[the outdated vanity]

[far side of the bathroom - toilet is just below & it matches the tile, how nice...]

[the itty-bitty shower]

[the shower nook]

[looking back out]

it's pretty small, so all these pictures were taken basically standing in on spot & turning around! what do you think of the peachy beige tile?! all of our bathrooms are tiled this way - floor & up the wall, with coordinating sinks, showers/tubs, & toilets. gotta love the 60s!  

if it weren't for the non-functionality of this bathroom, we'd probably leave it as is, but i have to admit, i'm glad for a reason to demolish it!

speaking of demolition:

[the first whack! over the door]

[close up of over the door]

yes, that is concrete board & then even more concrete... we have done demolition in a house like this before [in new orleans], so we had a good idea of what to expect. actually, shaun was hoping it would all come off this easy, but alas, each wall is very different, & the "hollow" walls proved to be more stubborn.

[the first full wall to go!]

[shaun demonstrating how THICK this stuff is!]

[look at all the rubble!!!]

shaun's only concentrating on the tile. he's leaving the drywall for me - yay! [i learned in arizona on a mission trip how much i love construction, but i learned in new orleans how much MORE i love demolition!!!]

[the muscle behind this project!]

shaun picked up a couple tools to help him with this - a sledge hammer he affectionately refers to as "the persuader" & a crowbar i like to call "the enforcer"! once he got into a rhythm, the tile started coming off in sheets like the one he's holding up.

[getting around the shower now, with plumbing exposed]

[serious progress!]

[the rubble pile has grown!]

i'm soooo excited!  i love our master bedroom, so i can't wait to get this project done so we can move into it. i'll post more pictures as {we} make more progress!


{darlene} said...

wow! way to go!

Martha (MM) said...

Awesome! We are renovating too, working on the bathrooms now!