Sunday, December 5

the spirit of the season

i had been having a hard time getting into christmas this year. i loved our family decorating tradition, but after my family left, it seemed so did my christmas spirit. but i found the spirit of the season today.

today, we went with our youth group after church to pick out a child to sponsor. it was their idea at the service project brainstorm. they wanted to commit to giving to someone else every single month. they are the coolest group of teens ever! i love their spirit for Christ & for others. i needed them to remind me what the season of christmas is all about.

i was raised in a christian home that celebrated christmas as a purely secular holiday because we don't believe Jesus was actually born in december. but as i've gotten older, i've realized it doesn't matter when He was actually born; it matters that we take time to remember that He WAS BORN! to remember the greatest gift ever sent to this earth. to remember the life He lived, the life He gave, & the Life He offers to each of us.

we went to the family christian store in town, & they picked out tariku from ethiopia:

isn't he adorable?! how blessed we are - may we spread those blessings to others! and as we share His story, His love, & His blessings, may we be filled with the true spirit of the season!

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