Wednesday, December 1

holiday series 2010: our theme this year!

i already mentioned that i choose a new theme for christmas every year, & as it is the first day of christmas [according to massey/casteel traditions], it is time to reveal our theme for 2010:

Winter Wonderland!

i have seen several others in blogland are going with an all-white theme of some sort, too. can i just say, great minds think alike?! here are some of my ideas & inspirations:

white, white, & more white! [with hints of red & pale turquoise, plus anything woodsy - browns & greens]

greeting cards:
i was inspired by these cards from martha stewart. i've been collecting supplies & hope to make these this weekend. i'll post pictures of the completed cards next week sometime. i still need to figure out what kind of paper to use for our annual letter, & i need to buy stamps [hopefully coordinating!].

gift wrapping: i always start with brown kraft paper. it saves me lots of storage to use only one kind of wrapping paper! i've contemplated using white kraft paper this year with my all-white theme, but since it's also a woodsy theme, i'm going to stick with brown. i'll embellish each package with a smattering of white ribbon, twine, lace, doilies, & handmade tags. for gift tags, i think i'm going to use bird silhouettes for "gone a away is the blue bird, here to stay is the new bird..." here are some ideas that have inspired me [both from martha stewart]:

 [doily embellishments]

[simple paper cut-out]

i still haven't decided what kind of ornament to make. i always make one every year to give to aunts & uncles on the casteel side. i personalize them with the family name & year. this year, i'm also going to make personalized ornaments for the teens in our youth group. i'm going to decorate the tree in the basement coffeehouse with them, then the teens can take them home after our christmas party! here are the ideas i got from perusing, you guessed it, martha stewart:

[beaded snowflakes]

[glittering snowballs]

[beaded monograms]

i was talking with my mom about this. obviously, i want my cookie to be white! i was considering mexican wedding cookies, but i want to save this idea for when i do the "feliz navidad" theme... i thought about white macaroons filled with red jelly, but i just wasn't sold... mom suggested i try my hand at divinity. it's more of a candy than a cookie, but it's delish! i'll also be making my rosemary-pinenut cookies [which were my cookie for our "christmas tree" theme in 2007] to go along with the woodsy aspect of "winter wonderland." 

[divinity, paula deen recipe
photo courtesy of]

party invites:
i'm super excited about our annual christmas party with our friends from work & church! i've been working on the invitations & hope to mail them tomorrow... i'll post my invite pictures with a post on the party later this month, but here is my inspiration, yet again from martha stewart:

[doily invite]

well, there are my ideas for the winter wonderland theme so far!  i'm excited about putting it all into action! 

tomorrow, i'll post pictures of my decor around the casa - our mantles, the trees, & centerpieces. until then, here's hoping you're enjoying a beautiful sight & you're happy tonight - walking in a winter wonderland!

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