Tuesday, December 7

holiday series 2010: DIY tree skirt

[my burlap & velvet ribbon tree skirt]

in my post on our christmas decor, you may have noticed the burlap tree skirt under my tree in the den. i made it myself! back when shaun & i were poor college students, i had to make most of our decorations or repurpose things already in our home. it was a habit born of necessity, but it became my intentional philosophy & practice.

i knew i wanted something rustic, yet still "fancy" for our tree skirt. i have had a love affair with burlap ever since planning our wedding in 2003, & i had some leftover. i went to a local craft store & bought a roll of burgundy velvet ribbon with embroidered edges when it was 50% off. i also bought a small roll of velvet ribbon for the inside edges.

[the supplies minus the glue]

all i did was measure the size circle i wanted, draw it on the burlap with sharpie, & cut it out. i cut the slit & then the inside opening. along the slit & inside circle, i glued the skinny ribbon on with fabric glue. along the outside edge, i glued the fancy velvet ribbon, tucking the edge under since it has wire in it.

[underneath edge detail]

it was that simple!

[close up - pardon the cat fur!]

[a bella-boo playing peek-a-boo!]

i made this back in 2004, & it's still in as great of shape as when new. i hope this inspires you to use what you have on hand & your own creativity to make your house a festive home!



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