Thursday, December 2

holiday series 2010: deck the halls!

we're getting merry over at the casteel casa! we haven't finished all the decorating, like the banister & small trees for each room, but here's what we have done so far.

this year, i was inspired by our theme WINTER WONDERLAND:
the color white, snow, snowflakes, doilies sheet music, birds, & woodsy things like greenery, pine cones, & burlap.

[tree in the den]

this is always the first thing to go up! we decorated it this year with my family the day after thanksgiving. growing up, we always had an artificial tree decorated with colored lights & ornaments collected over the years. my mom made or bought at least one ornament for every year of our lives, & she still gives both shaun & i an ornament every year. when we got married, mom gave me all my ornaments, & we have been adding to them ever since. i don't like collecting & storing alot of christmas decorations, but i love my ornaments & will always find space for them!  ps: i made the tree skirt, which i will post about later...

[my den mantle]

i finally moved the window! but i still haven't found or developed the last picture for that empty frame... so just pretend there is another fabulous photo in it! actually, i would like to change those pictures out for wintery photos, but another year. the pine garland is fresh from a local nursery, plus some pine cones, & white candles. i love the pop of color from our stockings, & the two different star hooks.

[close up of the bird]

i've been adamantly avoiding the bird craze, but i finally buckled the other day at hobby lobby! i bought 4 different birds! this is bird #1 & probably my favorite. it has undergone a slight transformation:

just a coat of primer & a coat of white gloss spray paint & viola!

i was inspired by this tray from lemonade makin' mama:

[simple tray with cranberry beads & candles]

i just loved it! but i'm not really doing alot of red this year, so i did my own version. now, you know i don't like to buy & store alot of christmas stuff, so before i got a white tray, i needed to know it would be reused elsewhere in the casa. i decided the guest bedroom, which is done in a blue & white beachy theme, could use a sweet tray to hold helpful items for guests. the bottom of my tray is actually painted with a tacky "fresh brewed coffee" design, but i'll just paint over that after christmas! 

[coffeetable centerpiece]

for now, i filled it with coarse kosher salt & some glitter to look like snow, plus a white candle wrapped in burlap scrapbook paper & sheet music scrapbook paper [maybe i need to tie a piece of twine around it], another small white candle, a pine cone, some fresh greenery, & another sweet bird!

[bird #2]

i thought about spray painting this bird white, too, but shaun liked it as is, & i think i do, too. so i just put a few real cranberries in the nest!

[the living room tree]

shaun grew up with real trees, so when we got this casa, he was really excited about having both a den & a living room so we could put up two trees! this one is real, & while i hate decorating real trees [i'm slightly allergic, & break out into a rash], it certainly is beautiful when done! last year, i bought two containers of simple ball ornaments from target - one in red & one in turquoise - to match the living room decor. last year, i didn't need a tree skirt because the tree branches swept so low, but this year i found this beautiful silver quilted one from hobby lobby. 

[silver quilted tree skirt]

[old-fashioned tree topper]

last year, i visited the leob house in lafayette, an old-fashioned bread & breakfast. they have dozens of trees, & every one of them had a topper shaped like this. i've never particularly liked star toppers a whole lot, so i just didn't have toppers on my trees [still don't on the den tree]. but i found this topper - where else, but hobby lobby - in mercury glass!!! i love mercury glass for the living room decor. it feels so retro to me.

[the living room mantle]

you'll get to see more details about the living room in next week's feature friday, but i couldn't do a post on christmas decor without the living room mantle! and if you're wondering, the "C" is not for christmas, but for casteel! 

[antique oversized ornament from grandma pat]

[candle votives]

i found these in 2 different states! the pine bough one is from target in north carolina. the mercury glass ones are from indiana, but i can't remember where...

[vignette close-up]

i love to decorate with books! 
"a room without books is like a body without a soul"
 ~ cicero
so, i gathered all my red books off the shelves & completed the vignette with white pottery, also from my bookshelves, cinnamon sticks, a white bird [#3!], & fresh greenery.

since i'm doing a feature friday on the living room next week, i'm not going to show the entire built-in bookcase, but here are a few holiday details:

[greenery & mercury glass bird]

[brushed silver leaf with candle & greenery]

i got that leaf candle plate from a friend years ago, & it makes its way around the house in various looks.

["snowballs" with ornament & greenery]

the snowballs are just leftover styrofoam balls from shaun's halloween costume! and the bowl is from my everyday white collection.

i'm sure i'll have more decor vignettes to post later on, but i hope this glimpse of the casteel casa at christmas helps get you into the holiday spirit & inspires you for your own home!


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