Monday, November 29

menu plan monday

i have an oven again!!! of course, that doesn't mean my menu planning necessitates using it... i'm still more of a stovetop chef. however, i am excited about participating in my first ever cookie swap on saturday & getting to bake from scratch in my kitchen again!

later this week, i'll post pictures & my recipe for the cookie i'm doing for the swap at the casteel cafe, & i'm doing my feature friday on the kitchen this week, so you can see how awesome it looks with the new oven! i have the best kitchen for cooking & baking, so i can't wait for you to see it! stay tuned!!!

our "specials" this week:

monday - y.u.m. [thxg. leftovers still...]
tuesday - butternut squash soup
wednesday - corn-cheddar-jalapeno quesadillas
thursday - kielbasa mashed potatoes
friday - y.u.m. [before snacking alot at game night]
saturday - madrigal dinner @ local high school
sunday - @ life group

y.u.m. = yesterday's uneaten meals

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