Monday, November 15

menu plan monday

still operating without an oven, but crossing our fingers that the new one comes SOON - i'm sooo excited! my sister flies in friday, & i'm sooo excited!! we're going to pick her up in indy & then go see "harry potter 7" with our best friends at the imax - sooo excited!!! then, as if it couldn't get any better, we're having a pirate party with the youth group on saturday - sooo ridiculously excited!!!! and THEN, my parents are arriving saturday night!!!!! [it's going to be a pretty exciting week, if you didn't gather that already!] and without further ado, here's our *exciting* menu for the week:

monday - veggie patties & fried eggs
tuesday - broiled salmon, baked sweet potatoes, lemon-butter broccoli
wednesday - squash quesadillas
thursday - butternut squash soup
friday - @ indy!
saturday - pirate party!!! [will post pictures & menu later]
sunday - @ life group

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Vanessa said...

oooh, i am sad that i don't get to eat this stuff!! it all sounds so tasty!