Saturday, November 27

holiday series 2010: thanksgiving

we had a lovely thanksgiving! i hope you did, too. here are the pictures of our food & festivities. the tradition on the massey side is to cook all day, eat till your stuffed, then relax in the living room till your able eat pie! we played some card games & watched movies during the break.

part 1: the cooking

[mom whipping up the pumpkin pie]

[vanessa overseeing shaun making rolls]

[me chopping stuff for stuffing]

[dad reading while the rest of us work!]

[hors d'oeuvres]

we literally cook all day, & we rarely get dinner on the table at the intended time! so i was prepared this year with snacks to tide us over till turkey time! [homemade apple butter with homemade bread, "bites of fall" - roasted vegetable tartlets, cheese ball with crackers, & pumpkin spice candied almonds.]

part 2: the eating

[the table set & ready]

[mom's place setting]

[fun detail]

[dinner, buffet-style]

[the spread]

what's for dinner: turkey with gravy, cornbread dressing, cranberry relish, jalpeno-corn casserole, crescent rolls, green bean bundles, & glazed sweet potatoes.

[a bountiful & colorful plate!]

[in progress]


[zorra begging pretty please]

part 3: the resting

[the massey clan squished all together!]

there are no other pictures of this because we were plum tuckered out!

part 4: the eating, round 2


we had pecan pie, chocolate pie, buttermilk pie, & pumpkin pie. yummo!

it was so much fun having my family visit & hosting my first ever thanksgiving! cooking with my sister & mom is on my list of all-time favorite activities, & *thankfully* i had the oven so we could enjoy this! 

next week, i'll share with you our absolute favorite massey holiday tradition, which we always do the saturday after thanksgiving...


Elizabeth said...

I LOVE the Scrabble place card idea! I am totally stealing that idea for Christmas!

danae said...

it's one of my favorite table setting ideas - quick & easy! you can usually find used scrabble games at yard sales & stuff. i have 2 extra games that we dissected for the letter tiles & holders.