Saturday, November 13

holiday series 2010: christmas by theme

the leaves are falling like snow, christmas music is on the radio - much to my delight, & i'm in full-swing planning mode for the holidays! so, i thought i'd do a holiday series to show you how we roll here at the casteel casa. i'll be blogging along these lines each saturday & possibly a couple times in between.

this week i thought i'd share a little quirk of mine: every year, i choose a different theme for christmas. i keep a long list of themes to choose from, & usually i'm struck at some point each year with inspiration for what i want to do for the holidays.

why do i do this?
1. because i get bored easily!
2. since my decorating philosophy is to store very few seasonal items [even now that i have the storage room], i like mixing things up & being creative with what's on-hand, what's in the stores, what colors are popular at the time...
3. it makes it easy to distinguish christmases from one year to the next in pictures :)

to give you an idea, here are themes i've done in the past:

2003 - snowmen
2004 - candy canes
2005 - gingerbread men
2007 - christmas trees
2009 - ornaments

what i include in my theme-ing scheming:
- theme colors
- a handmade greeting card with danae-original poem, the paper for our annual letter, address labels, even the postage stamps!
- gift wrapping, ribbons, & gift tags
- a handmade ornament to give to various family & friends
- my annual cookie special
- decorations throughout the house
- party invitations
- thank-you notes

here's an example:

2005 - gingerbread men
- colors: red & brown
- christmas card:
[i made these with red cardstock, a gingerbread man cookie cutter, white puff paint, & glitter paint pens.]
- christmas poem [inside of the card]:
as we get ready for the holidays,
our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
wishing you calm among the craze, 
with time to have your cake and eat it, too!
- cookie: gingerbread men [of course!]

2007 - christmas trees
- colors: green & light blue
- annual letter:
- cookie: rosemary-pine nut [now one of our standards!]
- party invitation:

i wish i had more pictures, but i can't find all my christmas memorabilia at the moment... anyways, you get the idea! 

if you would like to do christmas by theme, here is my list of ideas:
- jingle bells
- hot cocoa
- 12 days of christmas
- reindeer
- poinsettias
- twas the night before christmas
- beachy
- feliz navidad
- texas
- snowflakes
- stars
- candles
- wreaths
- kisses
- santa
- stockings
- presents
- cookies
- the nutcracker

as i get ideas for any one theme, i write them down & file them away in my christmas theme box down in the storage room.

i'll be revealing my 2010 christmas theme on the "first day of christmas" [at least in my book] - december 1st. until then, happy holiday planning!

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