Friday, November 12

feature friday: THE DEN

so, i wrote way back when that i wanted to do a weekly "feature friday" showing each room in the house one at a time. i haven't done it yet because no room was ever "ready"! i've finally accepted the unrealistic ridiculousness of that idea, & so i present to you - finally - the first feature friday of the casteel casa!

we start with THE DEN.

1. it was the first room i ever saw in the casa.
2. it's the first room most people see.
3. it's the room we spend the most time in.
4. it's probably my most cohesively decorated room right now.

you may remember from my first post of casa pictures a basic idea of the den:

[our first viewing, not our furniture]

when we moved in, this is what it looked like:

[zorra keeping an eye on everything!]

[my mom-in-law waiting for instructions!]

before we got real grown-up furniture, we had two twin mattresses on the floor. and zorra took advantage of that fact!

[sleepy heads!]

but this is what it looks like NOW:

[view from the front door, north wall]

the curtains are in front of the 3-panel sliding door which we never open. we'd like to one day install french doors.

[view from front door, panning left]

i've got a side table for the other side of this couch, but i haven't cleaned & fixed it up yet... ah, the never ending to-do list!

[view from front door, panning further left]

it took me forever to decide on buying brown couches. we wanted to bring some color into the room with furniture, but it's hard to find good colors that aren't red. we considered a green sectional, but i was sure it would clash with the greenish-gray slate floors.

isn't the rug perfect?! i love that it's funky & not too rigidly geometric. the brown in it matches our couches; the green in it blends with the slate, & the navy in it matches our coffeetable - too perfect!

i'm planning on painting a large 4'x6' canvas for over the back of the couch. probably an abstracted desert scene.

[south wall with front door]

as you can tell, i'm still struggling to get enough color in this room to offset the overwhelming amount of paneling. it's beautiful, but a design challenge! still looking for shades/curtains i like for the door & window...

[east wall, shared with the kitchen]

i love love love our fireplace! i'm going to move the window to another room. i thought it would help offset the asymmetry of the fireplace & built-in shelf, but i decided to use the pictures above to do that instead. i'm planning to hang the small pictures about 6" higher than the mantle. and of course, i need to develop the 4th picture to be framed!

[east wall, view into kitchen]

i've always wanted a room with steps up/down into another room [random, but true!], & i love the open flow between these two most used & most loved rooms!

i know it's not alot of close-up details, but i'll save that for another time. it's late & barely even friday anymore!

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