Wednesday, November 10

cleaning on hand

so, we've been trying to "go green"[er] here at the casa, & one of our goals is becoming independent from paper towels. i wrote about going green, our homemade cleaners, & rag bucket back in may. this is what our rag bucket looked like:

we have it under our paper towels to make it just as easy to grab a rag as a paper towel. [we still use paper towels occasionally for especially gross pet messes.] but i recently found this adorable bucket at target for $2.50, & it was too perfect to pass up!

we have so much brown in the kitchen - the paneling, the cabinets, the beige counters, the island & kitchen table... anything to bring in color is welcome - especially turquoise! [actually, i was cleaning the house today & realized that every single room except one bathroom & the empty bedroom has turquoise in its color scheme! in case you can't tell, i love turquoise...]

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