Thursday, November 11

autumn awesomeness

autumn is my favorite season... i don't do alot of seasonal decorating around the casa, but i make an exception for fall!

my decorating philosophy is all about reusing items you already have on hand & not having alot of *stuff* to store. i don't usually like anything "kitchky" & i like timeless pieces.

every autumn for several years, i've done a variation of this same arrangement for my coffeetable, & i love it! it's super easy & fun, reuses items year after year, & is pretty inexpensive to recreate each time.

[an overhead view]

i love the four quadrants of this arrangement. i have a large coffeetable, so it usually takes multiple items grouped together to have any presence on it. 

i start with 3 of my square salad plates from my everyday dishes collection. i love combining the blue with the fall colors!

[quadrant 1: a plate full of
reese's peices - yum! = $2]

[quadrant 2: leaves i picked up in
the neigborhood & a spice candle
from my mom-in-law = $0]

[quadrant 3: small seasonal squash
& mini pumpkin = $2.50]

[quadrant 4: fall florals in a square
vase with a burlap wrap = $12]

the only thing i store year after year is the candle! everything else is found or bought & "consumed" [sometimes literally!] or part of my daily dish/glassware collection. and all for a total of less than $20! plus, you can make it cheaper if you choose less expensive flowers, grow your own, or come up with another idea for the fourth quadrant. 

[the view from my couch
complete with zorra under the table
& her toy on the floor!]

happy autumn!

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