Thursday, October 21

company's comin'!

so, it's official: i'm hosting my very first thanksgiving ever!!!!!

my family is coming in from north carolina & texas to spend thanksgiving here at the casteel casa! i am so excited! of all my family's traditions, the ones we enjoy during the thanksgiving respite are my favorites. this is partially because on top of celebrating thanksgiving, we also put up the tree & enjoy all my favorite of our xmas traditions, too.

now, the scary part is the looooooong to-do list that i place upon myself to get the casa into ship-shape before they arrive.  i have four weeks & counting, so i've broken down my to-do list by week. this also pretty much coincides with my holiday preparation to-do list, so yay - two birds, one stone!

four-week plan:
week 1 - clean & straighten
week 2 - deep clean & organize
week 3 - special projects
week 4 - decorate & clean

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Vanessa said...

i am soooo excited!!!!