Friday, September 3

twilight night

one of my favorite things to do is event planning, especially theme parties! to quote my friend katy: "there is something to be said about a danae party. danae parties go above and beyond what anyone ever imagines." this is high praise indeed & just tickles me pink! since part of having a house & making a home [at least in my book] is entertaining, i thought i would share with you my latest party: twilight night! i hosted two nights this summer - one for the girls in our youth group & a smaller evening with four other married madams. both nights were fantastically fun! but enough talk - i know you just want to see pictures...

[setting the mood as you enter]

i also had cullen cars cut out, laminated, & taped to my garage doors. 
i never got around to making a forks sign... next time.

[the set-up for the girlfriends party]

[the "teams" table - 
team edward = white,
team jacob = brown]

[framed quotes for teams table]

all of these framed quotes & other print-outs are from the hostess with the mostest - she is AWESOME!

["bitten" cupcakes - 
homemade by my friend, rachel]

[red velvet cake + cream cheese frosting]

["stake-through-the-heart" pretzel sticks!]

["shimmers-in-the-sun" sugar cookies]

[thirsty? we have A-, B+, & O- for vamps...
for humans, we offer coke & water.]

[candy & candles - can't go wrong]

[can't ever have enough!]

[food table close-up]

["we're making italiano for you" - our feast!]

in keeping with the first book/movies, we had mushroom ravioli. rachel & i made up the sauce recipe on the fly, but it was delish! we also had a fabulous salad arranged by rachel, plus garlic bread [because we all know that vampires being afraid of garlic is a myth!]

[mushroom ravioli - YUM!]

[table setting - emphasis on forks]

[snack packs for waiting in line at the premiere]

we had way too much fun making these snack packs! but it was soooo worth the effort because we were in line at the theater for an hour & a half waiting for the premiere of "eclipse"... also soooo worth it!

[twizzler BITES]

[no twilight party is complete without EDWARD!
me & my co-hostess, rachel]

i also have tons of pics of the girls enjoying the party, but this post is long enough [check out the rest of the photos on facebook]. the schedule was simple but ambitious: hanging out + photoshoot with edward, movie 1, dinner, trivia game, movie 2, drive to theater + wait, movie 3. a long [12-hour] endeavor, but it was such a blast. i can't wait till the first 4th movie comes out so we can do it again!

i'm posting this on "today's creative blog"!

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