Wednesday, September 1

the most versatile quick meal

wednesday nights are kinda crazy around the casteel casa. once we both get home from work, we usually have less than an hour to make & eat dinner before "innermission" [the wednesday night class we teach for our teens at church]. it's also the end of our menu week because i typically run errands on thursdays, so the fridge & cabinets can be pretty bare.

when we were first married, i would make red beans & rice with cornbread every wednesday. there's a reason we never eat this anymore. three to four years of the same thing every week gets pretty old. i made it for so long, not for lack of imagination, but for convenience & budget's sake. then, our church started making wednesday night dinners, which made our lives so much easier! when we moved to lafayette a year ago, we were at a loss on wednesdays since our church here doesn't do dinner. especially since we've been leading the youth ministry & prepping for class each week, we have frequently foregone dinner before innermission & eaten fast food afterwards. this has become problematic to our budget & our waistlines!

my solution? QUESADILLAS. i almost always keep tortillas & a variety of shredded cheeses on hand. these keep great in the fridge long-term. it's also a super quick & super cheap meal to make. but the best part about eating quesadillas every week is how versatile they are! my favorite version is refried bean & guacamole quesadillas - yum, yum! next week, i plan to make black bean & chicken quesadillas. but the toppings are endless: artichoke, avocado, black beans, cheese [all kinds], chicken, cilantro, corn, green onion, guacamole, mushrooms, olives, red onion, refried beans, roasted red peppers, salsa, shrimp, zucchini, and more! this means we're less likely to get tired of having the same ol' thing every week. sounds good to me!

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