Monday, September 6

menu plan monday

it's been a crazy summer, & i have hardly cooked at all. i miss it very much, so i'm excited about getting back to the kitchen this week! our oven is still out of commission, so everything had to be stove-top made. i looked up a couple new recipes to increase the excitement of cooking again. thursday & sunday are rachael ray recipes - i'll let you know how it goes!

monday - chickpea fritters + tzatziki, zucchini, greek salad
tuesday - gazpacho, salad
wednesday - quesadillas [black bean & corn]
thursday - spanish shrimp, sausage, & couscous
friday - taco salad
saturday - y.u.m.
sunday - gnocci + sausage & broccoli

y.u.m. = yesterdays' uneaten meals

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