Tuesday, August 31

crafty gift idea

way back in may, i promised pictures of the gifts i made for mother's day... well, without further ado:

[all the pieces of the puzzle]

[all the pieces jumbled up]

[picture of me & my sister 
- on mom's picture cube]

[picture of my man & our niece
- on mom c's picture cube]

this was super easy to make & lots of fun to assemble. all you need are wooden cubes, printed pictures of your choice, a paper cutter, mod podge, & a foam brush. trim your picture to the size of the assembled cubes, then cut each picture into the correct-size pieces to fit onto each wooden cube. use mod podge to adhere each picture piece to a wooden block & also to seal the picture.

you can choose any pictures you like. since i made these for mother's day, i picked out photos with kiddos in them.  my mom got pictures of her three children [including shaun], as well as pictures of us with her. shaun's mom has six kids with all of us married in, as well as three grandkids, so i made sure to include everyone.  

both moms loved the gift, as did our dads - they are lots of fun to play with!

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