Monday, August 30

back to blogging!

after a nearly two-month hiatus, i'm back! this summer was a whirlwind of traveling, camp, visiting family, moving my sister to texas, youth ministry work, & other crazy life stuff. i haven't been home that much. i miss it! but as the school year begins, the dust is settling, & we're getting back into routine. this means back to working on the old casa, and boy, does it need it... as i sit on my couch writing this, i'm surveying the den, & this room alone needs some serious tlc. dvds are piled next to the television, books are piled on the coffeetable, papers are piled on the side table, various boxes & bags are piled on the fireplace hearth... piles, lots of piles! and that's just the den. i can't even think about the piles of laundry in the basement, the piles of suitcases in the bedroom, & the piles of everything-except-the-kitchen-sink in the office! needless to say, it's time to refocus on making this house a home.

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