Friday, June 4

our garden

we've finally planted all our little green seedlings for our 2010 garden! well, all the ones we have so far...  our "menu" this year: eight varieties of tomatoes [better boy, roma, super sweet 100, sungold, carolina gold, thessaloniki, lemon boy, & big beef - we originally only had four varieties but then my sweet father-in-law gave me four more to try out. good thing i LOVE tomatoes!!!], cucumbers, green beans, broccoli, green bell peppers, red bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, yellow squash, zucchini, & eggplant. i'm also planning on putting in a cantaloupe vine. yum, yum!

[our garden: the beginnings]

[garden layout]

then there's the herb containers: lemonbalm, orange mint, apple mint, & spearmint in container 1; dill, chives, summer savory, greek oregano, & italian oregano in container 2. i still need to get another container for basil & one for cilantro or plant them in the garden space. and i have a rosemary plant to pot, too.

[herb containers 1 & 2]

as for making the garden more presentable & more manageable: we're going to get a load of compost to spread over the top of the garden. then, i want to get square concrete pavers to create the paths by which i get to the plants to water, weed, & harvest. we'll stake the tomatoes & cucumbers when they get a little taller. i'd also like to put up a wooden fence at the end by the extended flower bed to delineate the space. but we'll see how much we actually get done this summer!

next project: creating our own compost bin so we don't have to buy it again!

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Katy and Phil said...

How are your cantelope doing? We tried Watermelon and it is a FLOP!
Let me know!