Monday, May 24

staying sane... i mean, organized!

it's been one whopper of a week around the casteel casa! we organized a massive church yard sale with our youth group to raise money for haiti & an inner city ministry in cincinnati. if you've ever organized your own personal yard sale, you know it's alot of work - all the decluttering, sorting, organizing, pricing, advertising, working, cleaning up...... multiply that by at least 100, & you've got a church yard sale! anyways, that's not what i meant to write about at the moment.

due to the amount of time & energy throwing a yard sale takes, i didn't spend a whole lot of time at home last week, & when we were here, we tended to just drop things as we came in. result: a messy house. there are clothes all over the bedroom floor, toiletries spread out on the bathroom counter, papers & snack containters & dishes covering every flat surface in the den, etc... it's making me nuts! we have spent the better parts of saturday & sunday recuperating, napping, & adding to the clutter. now, it's monday, & it's time to deal with the mess. but we have another super busy week, with plans every single night. so, i've got to find the time to clean up from last week & stay organized to help us stay sane this week.

that's one of my biggest pet peeves. being unorganized right when i most desperately need to find everything in split seconds. we tend to live a busy life most of the time, & we also have a house that has frequent [sometimes impromptu] visitors. and if i get off my routines, it's a slippery slope to casa chaos. and chaos that is due to unorganization drives me batty! i am more likely to lose my temper over not being able to find my keys than at any person. so, what i want to know is how do YOU keep organized so that you can stay sane in the ever present phases of chaos in our lives? do you have any secrets or tips or routines you live & die by? i'd love to hear your feedback & to know i'm not alone!

for now, it's time for me to grab a garbage bag & get moving until time for our evening engagement. in the words of dory [from finding nemo], "just keep swimming..." & hope you don't go insane!

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