Thursday, May 13

saving money

we've had a few unexpected expenses this month like the garage doors & the oven. it also happens to be the month we owe our car insurance, which we only pay every six months [we save $80 per year that way]. we've also got several projects we'd like to get done around the casa this year, so every penny counts! we've been brainstorming ways to save money & to adjust our budget in order to have more money going towards home projects, maintenance, & savings.

a few ideas:

  • canceling cable & home phone service - we do want to keep basic bare minimum cable & have to since we have cable internet, but really, do we need that many channels & do we need to watch so much television? and i got a new cell phone that actually gets reception at the casa, so we no longer need the land line.
  • clipping coupons - i was really good at this in raleigh, but we've decided not to take the paper here, so i need to get in the habit of picking up the sunday indianapolis paper each week to get the goodies. plus, i need to find a way to keep them organized so i USE them!
  • less eating out - we got into a BAD habit of eating out alot last summer with the craziness of moving, but it's so unhealthy & so expensive. i've been much better about menu planning consistently, but now i need to stick to it.
  • going green - making my own cleaners, laundry detergent, & using non-disposables [see details here]
  • planting a garden - shaun tilled the ground, we just need to plant! we love gardening, but this year, i also want to try my hand at canning for year-round produce.
we'd love to hear more ideas if you have any suggestions. we're always looking for ways to be more frugal!

"a penny saved is a penny earned." 
~ benjamin franklin

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