Friday, May 7

plants for pennies

apparantly, our yard used to really be something.  back with the gilberts lived here [they built the casa & lived in it for 40 years], ms. jean built a beautifully landscaped yard.  we know because we've been regaled with tales from the neighbors about ms. jean & her azaleas, hydrangeas, & other gorgeous flowers.

alas, we only know from stories because the previous owners [who lived here between us & the gilberts for a year or two] stripped the yard of all flowers & had every shrub & bush cut to the ground...  i know, tragic & cruel. so, while i lament the gilbert glory days, it is pretty neat to have a blank canvas all our own.

we've spent so much time on the inside of the house, but now that it's spring, we're ready to switch focus a bit to cultivate the outside.  we've been looking at plants at home improvement stores, but we refuse to pay those ridiculous prices!  we miss the farmers' market in raleigh, which [unlike here in lafayette] is open daily year-round.

and then, shaun found ms. betty!  he was perusing craigslist & found this woman who sells transplants of all the plants in her huge garden for $1 per "clump"!  we visited her tonight & racked up!

[we filled the back of the endeavor with a variety of plants]

we paid only $30 for all of this!!!  what we got for the money: one bush-like herb called rue, three decent-sized hosta plants [that we can divide into 6 or 7 plants], 4 plastic bags full of day lilies in orange & red, & seven different kinds of herbs [orange mint, apple mint, spearmint, greek oregano, italian oregano, garlic chives, & lemon balm].  what a loot!  we loosely figured that we paid a third of what this would have cost us at the farmers' market & who knows how much less than retail stores!  

tomorrow, we get to begin filling our yard with beautiful bounty once again, & without breaking the bank!

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Shep said...

I wish that you still lived here, and you could get your plants from us! Oh, and if you have home depots in your area, you can always check out thier dumpsters. I get lots of free plants that way!

Miss you!