Monday, May 17

plants for pennies: part 2

we've checked some serious to-do's off the list in the past few days! [granted, credit must go to shaun for doing most of the work!]

  • we tilled up the area for the garden [all shaun!] we had planned on putting the garden down the hill, but the soil down there is so rocky, we opted for next to the house this year. i think i'll like how close it is. shaun borrowed a trailer from a friend to borrow a tiller from a friend. [on a side note of frugality: we'd love to buy our own trailer & our own tiller eventually, but at the same time, there just isn't a need to own everything! borrowing & sharing are wonderful options, not only for your wallet, but also for creating new & better relationships with neighbors & friends.]
[2010 garden]
  • those 27 plants we got for $30... we finally got them all into dirt!
[the hostas - we only divided one]

[the day lilies, alternating red & orange]

[the herbs, in *free* galvanized containers]
  • we finally created the flower bed around the trees out front! we wanted this because we had one like this in raleigh & just loved it, we wanted more area for planting, especially hostas since it's a shadier area, & shaun didn't like mowing between the trees! we outlined it with an extension cord, then spray painted the outline when we got it just like we wanted. shaun sprayed the area to kill off the grass. after it dried, we planted the hostas & day lilies, & then shaun used the borrowed trailer to get a few loads of mulch to cover over the whole bed. we'll continue to fill in the bed with more varieties of hostas [i'm obsessed!], daffodils, & other flowers, then put in a border of paver stones eventually.

  • shaun also wanted to create a flower bed around the back corner of the house to meet up with the garden, mainly to make mowing easier. i'm not sure about how i like it being so big, but i agreed to try it out for a year. we'll plant shrubs, hostas, & flowers, & most importantly something to hide all the uglies on the side of the house!

  • we got more herbs & plants for the garden! we visited the lafayette farmer's market for the first time, & while it's alot smaller than raleigh's with alot less variety, we still loved it! we got rosemary, basil, summer savory, dill & chives to add to the herb containers [i'll get another one. plus one container for nothing but cilantro]. and we got four varieties of tomato, eggplant, & three varieties of peppers for the garden. we still need to hunt down cucumber, squash, & zucchini plants. yum!

it's been raining alot here, so we haven't had a chance to get any of this planted. and i need to hunt down more galvanized containers! rain, rain, go away!

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