Monday, May 3

menu plan monday

i have been planning our meals for years now, & it makes our lives SO much easier!  i love being organized, knowing what i need from the store, making sure we use up leftovers & remaining ingredients, & knowing what i'm making that night.  shaun also loves knowing what's for dinner.  my next goal is to get a memo board for the kitchen to post our weekly menu.

i've gotten to the point where i now plan out dinners for a whole month.  then, each week i quickly make sure the plan is still feasible, we don't need to "roll over" any meal from last week, & i plan breakfasts & lunches.  in honor of cinco de mayo [and my huge craving for mexican since i was just vegan for a month], we're doing lots of mexican food this week!

this week:
monday - tilapia & black bean nachos
tuesday - spicy pulled pork on corn cakes with salad
wednesday - leftovers
thursday - mexican shrimp & beans with couscous
friday - ratatouille wraps [we're also watching "ratatouille"!]
saturday - out to dinner & a show
sunday - pesto pasta with roasted cauliflower

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