Saturday, May 1

love at first sight

just a little over a year ago, shaun & i visited lafayette, indiana for the second time to find a house.  we have the absolute BEST real estate agent, gail beck [if you're looking to buy or sell in the greater lafayette area, please call her!], and she worked with us for several weeks before our visit narrowing down the choices of houses we wanted to see.  our plan was to buy well under the amount we could afford so that we could save our money to eventually buy land & build a house [my design].  in perusing the housing database, shaun saw this one house that intrigued him by its character & beautiful wood work, and he wanted to see it.  it was outside the amount we had set for ourselves, so i told him if he wanted to see it, he could email it to gail himself!  boy, am i ever glad he did!

we had two days to find a house, so the first day we looked at over 20 houses, taking quick 15-minute tours of each one.  we narrowed down the list of viable options to 4 or 5 that we could see again the next day for an extended visit.  in the middle of the day, right before lunch, we looked at the home shaun liked.  it was love at first sight!

some features that "had us at hello":

  • all-brick exterior with unique iron storm doors
  • LOTS of land for being in the city [3/4 acre]
  • two fireplaces [one in the den, one in the living room]
  • exposed brick walls in the den & kitchen
  • all hardwood floors
  • wood paneling throughout the ground floor, put up with individual wood boards
  • a dutch door in the kitchen
after seeing this house, we had a hard time envisioning ourselves in any other.  we realized that if we bought it, we wouldn't be reselling it in a few years to build & it would likely be a "forever" home.  we gladly accepted that!  below are pictures from the first day we ever saw it with a few from move-in day:

[the front view]

[the den, not our furniture!]

[the kitchen, shares the brick wall with the den]

[the kitchen]

[the formal dining room, our office, that door is to the kitchen]

[the entryway, office to the left, with a peek-a-boo to our retro bathroom!]

[the living room]

[the living room]

[shaun's favorite - the shop!]

it was the only house we saw that could rightly be called "the casteel casa"!

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Carmel said...

Great house Danae & Shaun! Thanks for sharing. You'll make some great memories here as you make it your own. I love the brick and hardwoods. ~ many blessing!