Friday, May 7

feature fridays

we've received many requests over the past few months for pictures of the house. at least i've posted the preliminary ones now! but what does it look like now? i realized that i can't clean [& then keep clean!] every room all at one time for a photo shoot. soooo, i came up with the idea of "feature friday." each week, i'll highlight one room or area with pictures, ideas, & plans for improvement. you can take part in this by helping me with some of my organization & decoration dilemmas, & by making any suggestions you have for improvement! i'd LOVE to hear your ideas!

i wanted to start this week with the den, but i'm a little behind in getting things done on the old to-do list, so i suppose you'll just have something to look forward to for next week... stay tuned!

in the meantime, i have some great posts planned that include an easy & delectable recipe, the saga of how we came to own the casa, & a great gift idea [that i'm using for mothers' day but want to wait till our mommas receive it to reveal it here]. sorry today's pretty boring, but hopefully, i've whetted your appetite for the coming days.

happy friday!

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