Saturday, May 8

cake balls

yesterday, i promised an easy & delectable dessert, so here ya go!  maybe i'm behind the times, but cake balls are a recent discovery of mine.  this past fall at our annual women's beach retreat, my friend colleen brought cake balls, & i became addicted!  the recipe is ridiculously easy.  i don't make many cakes, partly because it's not my favorite dessert & partly because it stresses me out with all the layers & icing...  but this is a great idea for when a cake won't come out of the pan neatly or falls apart while icing.  or if, in my case, you'd rather do this than make the cake in the first place!

all you need is cake, frosting, & chocolate.  you can use a box mix or homemade [i've done both, but pictured here is a strawberry cake box mix].  you can buy a can of frosting or make your own [again, i've done both, but here i'm using bought cream cheese frosting].  the chocolate can be chocolate chips or baker's squares.  it just needs to be meltable, & it needs to be able to harden again.  [i used white chocolate chips once, but here i'm using milk chocolate chips.]

cake balls

1. bake the cake according to instructions.

2. empty cake into a large bowl.

3. add frosting to cake & mix together.  [easiest to do this with your hands!]

4. roll into bite-sized balls [using a small scoop makes this easier].

5. melt the chocolate chips in the microwave [in a microwave-safe bowl].

6. dip each cake ball into the chocolate, coating it.

7. place on a baking sheet or aluminum foil to cool & set.

don't they look delicious?!  they are!

i've also heard of putting them on sticks to make "cake pops"...  either way, yum!

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