Friday, April 30


so, i finally jumped onto the blogging bandwagon.  i suppose it was only a matter of time.  i was inspired by following my friend, katy's, blog.  not only do i enjoy her posts about their home & life, but she follows some other really neat blogs that intrigued me.  i realized there are lots of things i would like to share with my friends, family, & fellow bloggers about my adventures in domesticity & design.

my husband & i recently moved here to lafayette, indiana, & we bought our first house [which is a long, interesting tale for another time].  it's a 1964 storey-&-a-half brick home in the middle of the city.  i love that it's in the city, mere minutes from everything, & shaun loves that it came with 3/4 acre in land!  as we embark on the crazy journey of homeownership, we are learning so many things.  for example, shaun is learning how to replace doorknobs & install deadbolts.  [our house has five exterior doors, none of which had a deadbolt or shared a key...]  since affording a home is a new thing, too, i'm learning how to be more domestic & economic.  last night, i learned how to make my own laundry detergent for 25% the cost of brand-name detergent [also another tale for another time].

some of our stories are funny, some are educational, & some might be inspirational, if you like our style.  my background is in architecture & design, so decorating is a passion of mine.  but we just moved from a house half the size & with a completely different style, so adapting our furniture & art to the new house has proved challenging sometimes.  and i'm loving it!

so, stay tuned if you're interested in housekeeping & homekeeping.  for us, it's definitely a daily adventure.  and welcome to the casteel casa!