Sunday, March 23

dressed in my sunday best

elaina wore her first dress today to church, pink & frilly & sparkly, courtesy of aunt jan! she also debuted her first pair of shoes to be worn in public. shaun groaned when he saw her this morning. he was also miffed by how her shoes "shed" on his black pants while held her during worship. she kicked them off frequently, but i think several times she had help from daddy. 

she's thrilled...

is there anything more precious than a man & his girl?

look at those skinny legs!

first smile i've ever been able to capture on camera

in response to her girliness this morning, for daddy's sake, she's now wearing a blue & orange tie-dyed onesie w/ navy pants. no matching headband despite her having a navy one in her closet. i suggested it, & shaun's reply was, "in my own house?!"

Friday, March 14

renaming roo

i am renaming elaina. henceforth she shall be called drama. for such an incredibly laid back baby, she sure is dramatic. oxymoron, i know. but if she's hungry or wants her paci, look out! her high-pitch squawk can pierce eardrums. 

and since you really check the blog for pictures of roo, here's an iphone shot from today to prove my point. she chilled as soon as the paci hit her lips. 

Monday, March 3

roo >> february photo dump

as first-time parents of a newborn, we of course take a bazillion pictures. i'll try to do a "photo dump" once a month of the highlights. if the quality isn't great, it's probably from my iphone. i'm looking into getting a newer one since i take so many pictures & videos of roo with it. enjoy!

[classic roo "rollercoaster" sleeping pose]

[look at those long skinny legs! tie dye onesie made by mommy]

[the one outfit i couldn't resist buying for her]

[tummy time with daddy & zorra]

[likes to fold her hands when eating]

[madi came to visit for her 16th birthday!]

[wiggled out of her gown during the night]


[daddy loves his girl]

[nap time on the couch next to mommy, burp cloth made by madi]

[sporting the tie dye onesie aunt bonnie did at camp]

[kissing the giraffe that emily made for her]

[ready for 80s jazzercise! onesie tie dyed by aunt nessa]

[visit from the pitt clan, spencer asked to hold her twice]

[snuggles with mommy, attempted illinois tie dye onesie by mommy]

[meeting taylor for the first time]

[sweet stares with audrey]

[feels completely safe & sleepy in daddy's arms]

[can't see it well, but wearing the green & yellow onesie that daddy tie dyed]

[sporting gap pjs, courtesy of fashionista ms. gina]

[valentine's outfit from grammy]

[classic roo puckered lips -- blowing kisses or whistling?]

[definition of cute! outfit from ms. teresa]

[one of daddy's favorite outfits, from ms. temple oops! correction: from ms. mary ellen]

[playing on the floor with my new gym & linkadoo toys]

[grabbed a toy for the first time]

[first time sitting up in the boppy]

[kisses from mommy]

[snuggling with daddy]

[tummy time!]

[my sweet girl]


Saturday, March 1

roo >> 4 weeks & 1 month

time flies when you're having fun. which we are. 

[february 27, 2014 -- 4 weeks]

[february 28, 2014 -- 1 MONTH!]

8 pounds 4 ounces
21.25 inches

- crawling motions with legs during tummy time
- lifting & turning head during tummy time

- snot-sucking

- walking & talking with daddy
- my rattle & pacifier
- being worn in the papoose by mommy
- almond oil massages 


Tuesday, February 25

roo >> 1st bath

we did sponge baths until her belly button raisin fell off, & then we finally braved her first real bath. we are borrowing the wash pod from rachel & jeffrey that they used for paige. it fits great in our new kitchen sink! elaina wasn't quite sure about being sat in the water, but she didn't fuss about it. she hasn't loved sponge baths, so we're glad she seemed to be okay with the bath. my favorite part was wrapping her in the sweet baby towel & how crazy her hair looks afterwards [not pictured].

[her thinking face]

[getting hungry so sucking on fingers]

[snug as a bug]


Saturday, February 22

roo >> 3 weeks

we've been having a great visit from the massey side of the family this week, so i've included some pics from our time together. elaina is the first grandkid for my parents, so it's been momentous. elaina's been spoiled rotten & loving it! the only discord is deciding whose turn it is to hold her next!

[february 20, 2014 -- 3 weeks]

[the massey family who first called her roo]

[aunt nessa]

[grammy & poppy]

[namesakes -- vanessa elaine, elaine carol, & elaina ruenell]

[3 generations of massey girls]

[the casteel 3]

[whole lotta love]